Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm entering the blogging world!

I always want to have my own blog. I want to document things happen in my life. However, day by day, month by month and years I never take into action. Finally, I take the first step to start my own blog! How exciting! 

This is the little corner of MINE. I want to blog a little bit of this and that about my life. I'll blog about FOOD especially western food and fine cakes, though I'm not good in cooking and totally have no idea on baking. I'll blog about my PAPER CREATIONS though I'm just a beginner in paper crafting. But I just got to know that I just can't live without PAPERS. I am hoping that this will be a platform for me to share my creations and making new friends through the blogging world.

I wish to blog about travel as I love travelling. One of my dream is to be able to travel the whole world. Wish my dream come true! Other than that, I'll share just a little bit of this and that about my family - my 3 boys (Hubby, Ze and Hang).

May be I'll do some reviews about products that I tried especially products that are mummy-baby-related, hoping that other parents and I myself become smart consumer.

I would like to thank Chin Tee for getting me having the intention to blog and Shu-Yin for her encouragement on taking action to start blogging and reviewing products.

I hope that I can improve my English through blogging. Have fun!