Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Beneparty in Penang Gurney Plaza!

919 (September 19, 2014) such a nice number! Benefit Cosmetics painted Penang in PINK! Really? Yeah, they were having a party! Beneparty! It was actually their Grand Opening of Benefit Boutique in Penang! I was there! I was there!

Benefit Cosmetics came to Penang around 2007 and it was just a counter in Parkson, Gurney Plaza. Recently, Benefit moved to a shop lot located at Ground Floor in Gurney Plaza on 3rd June 2014. Yes! Benefit finally opened their very first Benefit Boutique & Brown Bar in Penang!

Of course, in that evening, you would see a crowd in front of Benefit Boutique. A big pink balloons arch stood at the front of the door and pink carpet on the floor. So sweet and nice!

I straight away look for the registration counter to register myself. A door gift was given on the spot and a sticker of ‘Bene Babe in Gurney’ was given to stick on my arm in order to enter the area.

The night started off with bubbly. They have free flow of wine and fruit punch with ice cream. All in Pink! Oh, I love the fruit punch with ice cream! Besides, some light refreshment from G-Hotel was served.

It was sad to admit that I was actually half an hour late for the party. I was stuck in a terrible traffic jam as it was Friday. Furthermore, it was impossible to reach on time with my 3 boys along. So, I missed the most important part of the party - the ribbon cutting ceremony. Lawrence Teh, the Center Manager of Gurney Plaza and Jacqueline, the Brand Manager of Benefit Cosmetics cut the thick pink ribbon to officiate the launch of the opening.

Photo courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia 

Then, it followed by the group photo taking and a mini tour for the invited VIP to look around the boutique. 

Here’s some photo of the boutique I took earlier in June 2014:

How about some photo on that day itself?

Of course, invited Bene Babes had the chance to try out Benefit products right on the spot. And there were some special promotions with purchase of Benefit products, only for that particular day.

There were some quizzes for all the invited Bene Babes. MC of the day, CK asked some very simple questions and those with correct answers walked away with Benefit goodies. Sounds great, right?

Now, the two Macho Men came in action! They were Jordan and Wei. Oh my! Invited Bane Babes were requested to write something on these two Macho Men’s arms by using the waterproof eye brow pencils provided! At first, no one dare to write. MC approached the crowd and slowly more and more Bane Babes joined in. Oh, even a kid wrote some words too! Such a big one!

‘Drum roll!’ It was time for Lucky Draw! 

Lucky Candy Jar
Do you know that when Jean and Jane had their shop in the 70s,
they sell make up in candy jars! 

Lawrence and Jacqueline were invited to pick the winners in that night's lucky draw. 

"This lucky winner's phone number starts with '012' and ..." , "Anyone of you the last 4 digits of your mobile phone added up become 13?", "Raise your hand if your surname is ..." MC purposely asked all these questions before he announced the lucky winner. In between, there were quite a number of lucky winners did not turned up. Jacqueline had to redraw, again and again. 

Never mind still have chance.
Awww... Not me!
Hi James! (Hmm... must be something funny that makes him laugh.) 

It is a great prize! Are you the lucky Bena Babe?
Oh finally...

Here’s the lucky Bane Babes :

It was nearly towards the end of the Party after the Lucky Draw. 

Hmm ... What did they doing?

Oh! They were taking photo at the fotobox! Post and say cheese! 

Before leaving, I had some fun at the fotobox too. Selfie with the two Macho Men.

Thank you for the invitation, Jennifer!  Thanks to all the Bene ‘Crew’ for the effort and preparation of the party! 
Thank you, Benefit Cosmetics! We were having fun in the party! #benepartypenang

Wanna peep at what I had for the door gift? Tada…

Ok, that’s all for today! 
Thanks for dropping by!

Laughter is the best cosmetic!

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