Saturday, 29 November 2014

Yay! I completed Kaho Training 2014

Two more days to say good bye to November and welcoming December! Oh no, again, I have been quiet for more than a month! November 2014 is such a challenging month for me! I have so much to write but … time! Time! Time! Tee, slow down! Take it easy! Hehe….

After the previous post, I challenged myself to create 41 easel cards in less than a week time. These cards were actually a little surprise from me to my Soka comrades, Kaho Graduates 2014 to congratulate them. You know, life as a Mom is not easy. Not much free time but still I wanna push myself for this. Hehe... Luckily, I managed to complete the cards on time. I was so delighted and felt so worth it to burn my midnight oil for nights to complete these cards when I saw their expressions the moment they received my cards. The graduates were so touched and happy! I had the same feeling as well! I was thankful for having the opportunity to create and contribute. I was pleased to have their compliments towards my cards and my effort being appreciated.

Actually I had a sharing session for that meeting and you know what… I managed to prepare my speech on that morning itself. I was a bit nervous because I felt that I don’t have enough preparation. Furthermore, both my sons fall sick. I was quite worried about them. However, I knew that all these were just some obstacles that trying to stop me from attending the meeting. I was thankful to have great and supportive parents and husband to help me out. And yes! I made it. I attended the meeting and gained a lot from there. For the sharing session, I did pretty well and everything went smoothly. I was sturdy and calmed down once I grabbed the microphone. Phew!!!

I felt so great to complete the Kaho training and graduated during the Kaho General Meet 2014. In fact, Kaho training had been stopped for 10 years and just started back early this year. I was glad that I was one of the chosen ones in the list. We are the first batch of graduates after 10 years of cessation. I much appreciated it. Such a meaningful and memorable day for me! That’s why I volunteered to handmade those special cards for all the graduates. Congratulations to all the graduates and keep it up for the rest!

Well, I know that gonna be my new beginning and more challenges are waiting right ahead of me. I'm ready! 

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