Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Look! Who is in the magazine?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Baby Hang, Little Ze and I were featured in a magazine! It was a baby magazine called Parenthood Malaysia, issue December 2014, Issue No.180.

The article was about how to travel with baby and how i-angel hip seat carrier makes a perfect travel companion for the little angel. Then, it followed by my interview about the use of i-angel hip seat carrier and how it became an essential part of my life and Baby Hang’s milestones. Though my interview was just quarter of the article, they published 3 photos of me and my boys, one big and two small photos in circle / bubble. At a glance, the big circle photo was the main focus. That photo showed the happy Baby Hang seeing butterflies while I babywearing him.

I was overjoyed and fun to see our pictures in the magazine. This was my first being featured in a magazine! Hmm… I would say it was a month of fame in a magazine. Haha…

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