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Superb Sunday: Being part of the "Street as Social Spaces Flashmob"

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave


Five days had passed. This song (Sara Bareilles - Brave) still keep on playing in my mind. Feel like want to dance. Feel like I'm still enjoying in the Street as Social Spaces Flashmob with my boys. Even my 3 years old boy can recognized this song that we had fun during the Flashmob! I would say my family and I had a wonderful and superb Sunday on 22 September 2013.

I was in a happening celebration, WORLD CAR FREE DAY 2013, held at Beach street last Sunday. Street as Social Spaces Flashmob was part of the event. MMPS was honored for being invited to join the Flashmob by Aida Redza. (Who is she? Google it and you know. She is a leading Malaysian choreographer and dancer!) Yeah! 5 MMPS families were in the Flashmob. The best part was we acted and danced in the Flashmob with our kids! I'm part of them! Both my boys too!

MMPS logo on stage. Can you spot it?

Before the Flashmob

After the flashmob.

The Flashmob had a story to tell. It started with a sketch. 
Mothers and babies, toddlers and kids played in the middle of the street. 

Suddenly, a "car" (pretend by a motorcyclist) barged in. “You’re blocking the way!” the driver shouted. A man in uniform strode up. “Today is World Car-Free Day......." 

Later, the driver moved away. Mothers and babies, toddlers and kids continued playing. Then, a motorcyclist barged in, honking furiously.
                                   "Woi! You’re blocking the way!” the motorcyclist shouted.
                                   "Today is World Car-Free Day. No car is allowed ......." said the man in uniform. 
                                   "This is motorcycle, not a car!" said the motorcyclist.
                                   "Even your motorcycles are not welcome. Get off the street!” said the man in uniform.

The Flashmob then reveled in the absence of cars. Sweepers came in to clean the street. 

After sweeping, it was a street park scene. Fathers, mothers & babies, toddlers and kids and our senior friends happily settled down to mingle and have fun in the middle of the street. 

Dancers, down syndrome friends, church friends and more came in with all kinds of activities such as morning exercise, playing scooter, skating, walking and so forth. 


When the song "Brave" started, everybody began to dance. Followed by the song "Safe and Sound". All the great dancers, down syndrome friends, church friends and others started the dance. Mothers & babies, toddlers and kids, our senior friends followed. Of course, the audience also joined in. 

Invited guests, event founder Eric Britton, Dato Anwar Faizal, YB Yap Soo Huey...everyone also joined in!

Who said mother can't dance while carrying baby? Yes, I did! I brought both of my sons to join the event. We acted and we danced! I carried my 4 months old with baby carrier and I danced! Of course I can't jump in the "Safe and Sound" song, but the rest of the simple steps I just followed and danced whatever I can for both songs. Wow! It was really a fun one! We enjoyed! 

 I'm somewhere at the back, right side. 

Must thank to Aida for giving MMPS such a privilege to have had the opportunity to dance and play with great dancers, mothers & babies, toddlers and kids, down syndrome friends, church friends, our senior friends and more. It was a great performance and participation. SO PROUD OF US!!!

After the Flashmob, Zumba Dance & Street Celebration begins. Here's some photo of some street activities.

We hang around the street, let our children played at the street and so forth.

One thing that we did not forget to do: Breastfeed at the street! Yes, we did. We breastfeed our baby at the street. 

After breastfeeding flashmob, we went for our breakfast. Followed by meeting at Youth Park. Due to the hot weather and big crowd at Youth Park, we detoured to Lee Joo's hubby's office for meeting. See...! We had a fantastic Sunday morning! I think everyone were tired and had a long afternoon sleep after that. 

I would like to thank to 3 fathers of MMPS's family - Tony Tan, Vincent Liang and my Hubby Jay for helping us to bring us to the venue of the event safely and take good care of us (mothers and children). Thank you so much for your great support!  

WORLD CAR FREE DAY 2013 is a happening celebration held at Beach street on 22 Sep 2013, organized by Think City and MPPP. There are a ZUMBA Competition by Zero Fitness Dance Studio, Street as Social Spaces Flashmob, Girl Guides dance and Walkabout, and some street activities such as bicycle rides happening along Beach Street. 

What is Street as Social Spaces Flashmob? 
Street as Social Spaces Flashmob is an arrangement and performance assisted by Ombak-Ombak ARTStudio and PenangPAC AksiSeni team. Aida Redza is the person to create this Flashmob according to a script provided by Eric Britton, the man who founded the World Car Free Day. The theme from the script for the Flashmob is - street as social space and should be safe and inclusive for all.

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  1. Lovely!! Felt like I was there taking part as well!!