Thursday, 10 October 2013

My Nursing Wardrobe: Nursing Tops from Camomile Spring Maternity. Nursing. Baby

Breastfeeding in public is just normal to me. I latch on my baby anytime, anywhere, whenever they want. Hence, I need well-designed and suitable nursing clothes that offer quick and easy access to the breast to nurse my little one, while keeping my chest, tummy (my big spare tires) and back covered.

I started to buy nursing clothes since my first breastfeeding journey with my elder son. Nowadays, the nursing clothes are just as fashionable as our normal clothes. They are trendy and they come with nursing access. I don’t want to be a frumpy mummy. I want to look stylish and fashionable. You know what - Having beautiful nursing clothes does help to lift the spirits up! I have tried various brands of nursing clothes, from cheap to expensive, different quality of materials and different types of nursing access. Some are well-designed but some are not functional.

Today, I want to share two of my latest collection in my nursing wardrobe. A brand that I just came across and I found that their nursing clothes are fashionable, trendy, comfortable, well-designed and functional. They are some of my favorite nursing tops. 

What is the brand?

Camomile Spring Maternity. Nursing. Baby operates under the umbrella of Spring Maternity. Nursing. Baby outside of Singapore. Spring Maternity. Nursing. Baby is a Singapore maternity and baby specialty retail chain, a friendly one-stop store providing mothers and young parents with fashionable and well designed maternity, nursing and baby apparels and quality baby and life-style products to meet the needs of modern parenting. (I’ll mention Camomile Spring Maternity. Nursing. Baby as Spring in this post.)

Spring really brighten up my nursing wardrobe. Most of my nursing clothes are neutral or dark in colors such beige, brown, dark blue and black. The nursing clothes at Spring are bright in colors. They have pink, blue, green, yellow and so forth. Isn't it nice? 

Before showing you the photo, please bear in mind that I’m not model quality as I’m from the size of giraffe to hippo kind of size after giving birth.


1st piece – PINK Sleeveless Amber Drape Top

This pink nursing top is my favorite. It is made of Bamboo Cotton Spandex. The material is so soft and confortable. It is very suitable for our hot weather all day long. This nursing top is easy to wear style with criss cross panels with empire lift nursing access and a sexy cross back detail turning heads as you go. Isn’t it stylish? This comfy top perfectly matches with white pants or blue pants. I match it with white linen pants and denim shorts too. I have been wearing it for so many occasions such as Hi-Tea and meet up with friends, breastfeeding events, flash mobs, to the park and so forth. I’ll just add a grey soft cardigan if I attend formal meetings. This top is from Cerulean Paradise Collection. Thought it is not the latest collection of Spring, I still love it so much because of its stylish design, its striking beautiful color and its super soft and comfortable material. Most important it can hide my flabby tummy!

2nd piece – Grey + Lemon Kimono Sleeve Penny Cutout Top

Another ultra-soft and comfy nursing top from Lemon Dust Collection.  The grey part is made of Bamboo Cotton Spandex; the yellow cutout part is made of 100% Polyester. The material used and the cutout make this nursing top really cooling and soft. This top comes with side access to ease nursing. It can easily pair with shorts, pants or skirts for a casual weekend lunch outing with baby and girlfriends. It can also pair with skirts for meetings or wedding lunch. I like the Kimono sleeve which ‘shape’ my big arms. This top can hide my flabby tummy too!


Both nursing tops mentioned above are meant for maternity and nursing. Last time, I bought purely nursing tops. After having 2nd baby, I think pregnant ladies should get more maternity clothes with nursing access because the clothes will have higher mileage. Hahaha…


Why I only purchased two tops since there are so many nice pieces? This is because I bought them online. This is my 2nd attempt to purchase clothes online. I still lack of confident to purchase online especially when it is my first time deal with the shop. I have no chance to touch and feel the material and not sure whether the clothes look nice in me.  Well, I have no regret on this purchase with Camomile Spring Maternity. Nursing. Baby. Their team is so nice and helpful. They response in time and they give very detail explanations. I feel comfortable and secure even we just deal online. They advised and help me getting the right size.  I’m going to shop personally at Spring! Very soon! Looking forward and so excited!


Some people might say nursing clothes are pricy. But for me, they are worthwhile to invest. Considering how pregnancy and breastfeeding will take up at least 1-2 years of our lives. Like my case, it will be at least 3 – 5 years or more. I breastfed my elder boy for 28 months and now continue to breastfeed my 2nd boy until he decides to stop. Therefore, nursing clothes do help a lot and make me feel at ease nursing when I’m out with my boys. I will just enjoy these periods, wearing nice clothes and looking gorgeous and awesome. When I look back at my breastfeed journeys photo, I’ll have wonderful and nice recall then. 


To purchase

Shop: Camomile Spring
           1F-27, Bangsar Village II, KL
           L1-02, Setia City Mall, Shah Alam


* Disclosure: This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased the nursing tops with my own pocket money.  All text and opinions are of my own honest opinion of the product.


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