Monday, 21 October 2013

My Birthday & 5th ROM Anniversary

928. A date to remember. It's my birthday and also the day Jay and I were pronounced husband & wife in the name of the law. Why we chose our ROM to be the same day as my birthday? Well, there was such a coincident that my birthday and Jay's birthday fell on Sunday and Saturday respectively in 2008. So we chose both our birthdays' as our BIG days, fair enough. There will be no excuse for us to forget or miss out our birthdays, ROM and Wedding Day. Furthermore, we need not to scratch our head for so many times to plan for the celebrations, everything just 2-in-1, as well as the presents, just go for bigger present instead of many presents. Hehehe....


This year marks our 5th ROM anniversary. Seems like yesterday. Oh! How time flies!

28 September 2008 - Hubby Jay gave me a birthday surprise after our ROM ceremony.

Here we are, on our fifth journey, with two adorable boys.

Haha... I'm sure you will be shocked after viewing the photo. So much different in terms of  my size!  Progression from a giraffe to a hippo...Hmm. Luckily Hubby Jay also put on weight to accompany me. That's why I love him so much!!! 

5 years is considered not too long or short ,  but we felt that we have done so many things and there were so many changes within these 5 years. Not only the change in our sizes, but our lifestyle too. No more late night movies. Lesser fancy or romantic dinners. No more chill and relax time just to have a sip of tea or coffee and listen to Jazz music. Now, we cater our days to entertaining our boys. We watch only cartoons and more children programs; listen to kids songs and nursery rhyme because our Little Ze conquer the Hi-Fi set and the players. We Eat-Sleep-Play with them. Everything our boys come first.  It is a totally different type of happiness compared to our dating days. Although there are real exhausting moments, but all these made our life more fulfilled. 


Early in the morning, my Hubby Jay drove for some take away  breakfast. He bought us Starbucks coffee and redeemed a piece of cake for his birthday girl using Starbucks card. After that, he went to Mc Donald to buy two breakfast sets. My dad cooked us oats too. Then, we had our relaxed breakfast at our office's garden with both our boys. Little Ze just couldn't wait to taste his favourite chocolate cake. Look at Baby Hang! He wants to eat too!

In the evening, I went for an eye brow shaping services at Benefits Brow Bar in Gurney Plaza. It has been a while since my last facial or makeup session. So, it was a chance to pamper myself. Thank you to Benefits for giving this free treat to the birthday gal. For that half and hour time, my Hubby Jay handle our two active boys without a word although they are noisy. Hehe...It's my big day. No complain or black face. I'm the boss!

After that, we had our dinner at Miam Miam Cafe Restaurant. This cafe has been the latest hot thing and we decided to give it a try. Mostly it is full and they do not allow  advance reservation. Luckily we managed to have our seats. I love the environment,  very cosy and well decorated. The food was alright but not much varieties. We had Miam Miam Spaghetti, the famous French Toast and Vanilla Soufflé. Both me and my Hubby felt not satisfied with this dinner. I would say it is more suitable for Hi-Tea or catch out with friends as they have nice desserts. Well, our Little Ze enjoyed the food very much. 


Next day, my in-laws and my parents celebrated birthday with me. We had lunch at Italiannies Gurney Paragon. We had giant pizza, stuffed mushrooms, claims, pastas and Chicken Milanese. All of us had a wonderful lunch.

The Most important moment, cake cutting ceremony! My Hubby Jay bought me a boutique cake for our 2-in-1 celebration. (I made the order actually...Haha!) I'm very particular with cakes. I will not ask for fine dinings or expensive jewelleries but I will definitely ask for fine cakes. Tada...

JT Romance

Thank you my dear friend, Jess of Chantilly Cakes for making this special cake for me. JT Romance was extremely delicious with just the right balance in taste and texture.  As the name suggest, the colors were sooooo romantic  like deep red wine,  made possible with 100% natural berries. No artificial coloring added. I think this cake made from kilos of berries. Look at the inside of the cake. It stacks like Lego. Look at the overall color combination, isn't it amazing no coloring at all.  So nice! The sponge is so soft but filling unlike other sponges you find elsewhere. Chantilly makes them from scratch.    Yummylicious! 

See.. my Little Ze couldn't wait to blow the candles! Oh no! Add on! His saliva all over the place. But it's taste sweet whenever seeing him happy and cheeky.

Even my 4-month old boy can't take his eyes off the cake!

At night, my friend Lee Joo and her family came to celebrate birthday with me. They just arrived from KL and  came straight away to my house. They brought me 3 Swiss rolls as my birthday cake and we had a mini cake cutting ceremony. Thanks, you guys are cute and warmed. Next time we go for roti tissue cake ;)

Another thing that I must mentioned. I had a birthday surprise a day before my birthday. I received a parcel from KL. There's no sender name. My hubby Jay thought I made an online purchase but I didn't. I was confused. I touched and feel the parcel. It's seem like a bag. I opened the parcel and saw the paper that have logo printed. It's Coach logo! Unwrap the paper. Oh no, it's a Coach sling bag. Who sent me this?! Such an expensive bag! I keep asking my Hubby Jay and he said not him! He shown me an innocent and confused face. I thought he's so good in pretending and try to give me another surprise (He already bought me a Sizzix Big Shot Machine for my craft). Later, I found out actually is a surprise from a friend of mine. She didn't want me to mentioned her name. She's shy. Hehe... Thank You, YOU! (Yes, you, you know who you are :p )

I would say this birthday is pretty cool. Simple. I feel so pampered and happy to have such a wonderful and memorable celebration. Never thought that I still have birthday surprise at this age.

Okie, this is a long enough post. Thank you for all the wishes and blessings from family, relatives and friends around the world! So much love from you all. You all are awesome.

Happy 5th ROM Anniversary, my dear Hubby Jay!
Happy Birthday to me, Tee!


  1. Your life full with joy and surprise!!!
    Liked the way u describe!!! Jia you!