Tuesday, 29 October 2013

DIY Project: Halloween Witch's Hat

31st October - It's Halloween! Have you made your Halloween crafts? If so, what have you made?

I have made a simple Halloween Witch's Hat! This is my first attempt to make Halloween project. Actually, I had a very last minute decision to participate in a Halloween event. I had limited time to prepare Halloween costume for Little Ze. Furthermore, I din't want to spend money for special Halloween costume which only use for just once a year. I decided to handmade a one-of-a-kind Witch's Hat from materials available at home. I knew that even if I forgo the costume, a tall and pointy little hat will for instant create the holiday spirit. Am I right?

Here's my version of the Witch's Hat.

  • Double-sided colored thick paper (Get and reuse from my store room)
  • Cardstocks
  • Ribbon
  • Art glue
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Scroll pattern border punch
  • Circle and Oval punch
  • Lara grass string


Draw and cut out two circles from double-sided colored thick paper. One for the cone and another circle is for the brim. Note: Thick paper will make the hat more steady and nicer but do not to use paper that is too thick or you will have a hard time keeping the cone together.

To make the cone, cut one of the circles into half. Roll the semicircle into a cone; join sides, making sure they line up. Measure the circumference of your wearer's head before adhere the sides. Use the adhesive tape to hold the sides together and apply glue to adhere it.

To make a brim, first measure the diameter of the bottom of the cone; divide this number by two to get the radius. Draw a circle using radius at the center of the pre-cut circle. From same center point, make a hole and cut slits about half inch apart. Bend each resulting flap slightly upward. Tie the ribbons between the slits. Use stapler to hold tight. Apply glue to flaps or slits, place the cone on top of the brim, adhere both cone and brim together.

Done! Now you can decorate your Witch's Hat. 

Initially I want to decorate my hat with real pumpkin leaves and vines that grow in my garden. Unfortunately,  my dad just trimmed the plants and not much young leaves left. Those around are too big for my hat. So, I have to come out something with papers. I had mine in a very simple one. 

Punch a strip of scroll pattern border from orange cardstock. Adhere the strip diagonally to the hat. To make the jack-o'-lantern, punch three ovals from orange cardstocks, adhere them side by side or overlap. Cut a stem from green cardstock and adhere to the top of the pumpkin. Cut two triangles and punch a circle from black cardstock. Trim the circle into semicircle and cut out three squares from the semicircle to make the 'teeth'. Adhere them to the pumpkin. Adhere the jack-o'-lantern to a strip of paper.Fold and adhere the strip to make the jack-o'-lantern 'stand' on the brim. Add lara grass string to the top of the hat.

That's easy! Happy crafting! Happy Halloween!

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