Friday, 20 June 2014

What did Little Ze do during his school holiday?

School holiday just over! So, you may ask what did Little Ze do during his school holiday? Hmm… I wanted him to have a fun school holiday. I let him to have some activities to keep him busy with enough down-time so I wasn’t worn out. At the same time, the activities would keep him away from computer; else he would stick to the computer for long hours. 

Here are some of the fun activities we had during this school holiday.

Making gift wrapping paper from brown paper

We were invited to attend a train themed birthday party by a friend of mine during the school holiday. I bought a classic train as a birthday gift. Little Ze loved it so much and he couldn’t wait to wrap this present. Instead of buying a wrapping paper, I let him made a gift wrapping paper from a used brown paper. At the same time, I could introduce him how to reuse the paper and save the environment. I prepared him a train-shaped and cupcake-shaped sponge, paint (NIKKI products from my bestie. Thank you, Min!), alphabets clear stamps and ink. After the creation was completed, we wrapped the present. Wow, it was one-of-a-kind wrapping paper! Cool! By the way, we had some compliments from the crowd at the party. So happy!

Finger painting

Little Ze loved finger painting. He always asks for that. This time I let Baby Hang to join in the fun as well. I let them played before their bath. The finger paint, again, it’s a NIKKI product and it’s a gift from Min.  See, how fun they are!

DIY Scale

I made a DIY scale for Little Ze to let him had fun learning about which object is heavy and vice versa.  
Construction is simple.

Note: Make sure your cups hang equal distance.

Now hang over a door and get ready for some math fun!

Be a Blue Butterfly

Little Ze wanted to be a blue butterfly. He asked me to help him to ‘wear’ his blue wings. What were his blue wings made of? It could be a blue blanket or blue towel. Cheap and fun!

Looking for Mimosa

Mimosa pudica, is a creeping annual or perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, to protect them from predators, re-opening minutes later.

Little Ze likes to look for Mimosa Pudica every time we walked home. Along the way, there are some Mimosa Pudica at the road side. He loves to touch and see how the leaves fold inward and droop.

A visit to Youth Park

We went to Youth Park with Lee Joo’s family. The kids played at the playground. Run around at the field. They were so enjoy! Baby Hang had fun too! This was his very first experience with the swing and slide.


A visit to friend’s house

We paid a visit to my bestie’s house. Both our kids busy cooking and baking. Oh dear, all the toys all over the places! No photo taken while playing because Min and I busy catching up while taking care of them.

That’s the end of school holiday. I think Little Ze had a fun holiday!

For now, everything back to normal. 


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