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Benefit they're Real push-up liner workshop at Benefit Boutique Gurney Plaza

Last Saturday, I attended a beauty workshop - Workshop of the beauty world's most priceless gem – Benefit they're Real! push up liner! Yes, you hear it correctly! I think for those who know me well, as a SAHM hardly have spare time for beauty event! Who’s going to take care of my young boys? Well, this time really thanks to my parents and Uncle Wee who helping me to look after my boys while working and let me went out for 2 -3 hours for the workshop.

Today, I will solely share about they're Real! push up liner and the workshop but not review or talk about other great Benefit Cosmetics products although I have so many to share.

Why all of a sudden I attend this liner workshop as I’m a kind of lady that rarely uses eyeliner? (I have serious dilemma on applying eyeliner!) Actually a week before the launch of they're Real! push up liner, Jennifer, the counter manager of Benefit Boutique Gurney Plaza let me tried out this wonderful liner while I had my eye brow waxing. Oh! I just fall in love with this super-easy-to-use liner. Jennifer knew that I was a totally newbie to eyeliner and she invited me to join the fun by attending the workshop.

Can you spot the different between with and without they're Real push-up liner? 

“Samantha, where are you?” called Jennifer. “I’m right in front of your boutique!” answered with gasp for breath after rushing and running with high heels. Luckily I reached in time at 3 p.m. sharp. I was welcomed by the warmth staffs. Orange juice was served and they had a simple treats like tarts, marshmallow and sweets.  I managed to snap some photo before the workshop starts.

“Good afternoon, Ladies! Welcome to …” A young and good-looking guy greeted and welcomed everyone. He was the trainer of the workshop – James, Sales Development Manager. James made a short introduction about Benefit Cosmetics. 

Then, he introduced the newly launch they’re Real push-up liner, the first ever lash-hugging gel liner pen! It was globally launched on 27th June 2014. 

He told us the story about how this innovative product was 5 years in the making. After the development, the liner was given to Zing to try out. That’s how the look Zinged Out Wow came into place. From here, I got to know who’s Zing! (A prominent Hong Kong famous make-up artist for the stars like Faye Wong, Carina Lau, Sammi Cheng, Shu Qi, Karen Mok and so forth).

So, what is so special about this they're Real! push up liner?
Before that, let’s talk about the difficulties of using liners currently on the market. Wooden pencils smudge & wear off. Cake eyeliner is messy & time-consuming. Liquid liner looks shiny & it’s a botch to use. Gel liner in a pot needs a brush & it’s impossible to apply on-the-go. Felt tips dry out. THE LIST GOES ON!

To solve all the problems listed above, Benefit development team came out with they're Real! push up liner. It is the first-ever gel liner in a pen! Yes, they get the rich, black formula of gel in the convenience of a pen! It’s also smudge-proof, matte black, long-lasting AND waterproof. Most important fact is the innovative AccuFlex™ tip makes it BEYOND EASY to get close to the lash-line. Any girl, with any eye shape, will get the most ACCURATE, lash-hugging line. Its soft & angled material allows the gel formula to glide onto the curve of our eyelid with ease, creating maximum control from every angle. The flat, wide guard pushes our lashes out of the way, making it easier than ever to get close to our lash line. The closer the line, the bigger the eye! And the wide base provides a more stable application to get a perfectly straight line every time. No more wonky wings!

Now, let us back to the workshop. After the detailed explanations, James invited Jennifer to demonstrate on how to use the liner and how to create different looks. It was so easy to switch from a slim & natural look to thick & dramatic look with just a blink of eyes! 

Slim & Natural

Thick & Dramatic

Winged Out Wow 

James introduced another highlight of the day, they're Real! Remover. 

Oh, it Take it ALL off! This remover is specially formulated to remove Benefit bestselling they’re Real! mascara and they’re Real! push-up liner. This creamy gel is gentle-yet-powerful. It completely lifts away waterproof eye makeup without tugging the delicate eye area. 

James showed a beauty tip: Dip a clean cotton swab in they’re Real! Remover to instantly fix any eye makeup mistakes.

Then, James shared some other beauty tips and introduced some other best seller of Benefit products according to the preference look of the model of the day.

That was the end of the demo. Benefit friendly staffs assisted the Benebabes to try out any products in the boutique as they wish.

Tada… it was my turn to be the ‘model of the day’! Haha… James shared me some beauty tips that instantly to get a glow on my skin with just simple trick! Most moms need the instant beauty solutions. Benefit fits us!


Does my eyes look bigger?

Another model of the day!

Let’s see the door gifts for those who attended the workshop.   

Overall, it was a pleasurable workshop! I learned more about the newly launched liner and lots of instant beauty tips. I suggested if all the Benebabes that attended the workshop had the chance to hands-on would be even great!

I bought home they're Real! push up liner and they're Real! Remover. And believe it or not, this is my real first ever eyeliner in my life!

That’s all for today.

Thanks for the invitation, Jennifer!
Thanks for the demo and tips, James!
Thanks for being my temporary photographer taking picture of me, Jue! Oh, Miko as well. 
Knowing you all busy on that day.

Thanks for dropping by. 

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* Disclosure: This post is NOT sponsored. Any expenses incurred are from my own pocket money.  
All text and opinions are of my own honest opinion of the product.

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