Thursday, 9 January 2014

Jay's Birthday & 5th Wedding Anniversary

08.11.08. Another memorable date to remember. It was Hubby Jay’s birthday and our Wedding Day.

I know its already 2014 but I still want to backdate and blog about it. It was our 5th Wedding anniversary.

5 years ago, we held our Wedding Reception in front of 520 relatives and friends, themed ‘In the Enchanted Garden’.

5 years ago, it was our Wedding Day. We had our wedding tea ceremony and we had relatives and friends witnessed both of us exchange rings.

5 years later, we had two boys to celebrate with us. They always keep us occupied .    

5 years ago, our room was clean, organized and nice newly-wed room. Now, the room became a baby room, nappy change room, play room, store room, living room…… a multi purpose room.  However, our boys made both of us laugh and cry. They were so adorable and have enriched our life.


Recently, Little Ze keeps on watching our wedding video every day. He can memorized the whole video, what happen next and so forth. He made the money we spent on videography worth back in value. Oh my goodness, I was even skinny compared to the size I was during our ROM. Luckily Little Ze could still recognize me. While watching the video, he kept asking where he was. We told him that he was not born yet. Now, whoever come to the room while he watching the video, he will tell them he was inside his mummy’s tummy!


Well, we did not celebrate our 5th Wedding anniversary because four of us fell sick. Initially, I planned to cook special meals from breakfast till supper as a unique way to celebrate our anniversary, instead of spending money to dine in restaurant. Well, I managed to prepare a birthday breakie for Hubby Jay. It was a healthy breakfast made with LOVE. The breads and eggs all served in Love-shaped. Salads, stir-fried mushroom, oranges and tomatoes were served as side dishes. 

After that, we were busy and also not feeling well so we did not manage to prepare other meals as planned.  However, one thing we did not miss is the birthday and wedding anniversary cake! Let's have some flash back before I proceed.

5 years ago

Wedding cake cutting during wedding reception.

I gave Hubby Jay a birthday surprise.
Birthday cake cutting during wedding reception. 

Jess and Bumble Bee gave Hubby Jay and I a surprise. 
They specially handcrafted some sweet treats for just the two of us!

5 years later

I ordered a special cake from Chantilly Cakes. Mango Charlotte – This cake was a very special cake. 

It was a cake with mango and rice. Rice? Yes, rice! You never heard anyone bake cake with rice, are you? Sounds weird! I never heard that before until Jess introduced it to me. It was like mango served with ‘pulut’ but it was a cake! Yummy! My Little Ze and Baby Hang stayed awake to wait for cake cutting and to taste the cake.

After that we were so busy and we did not plan for further celebration. Most importantly, no matter what happen, as long as we love each other more and more, understanding each other more and more, we will  have a happy and healthy family, that’s the greatest gift of all!

By the way, I just gave Hubby Jay his birthday present yesterday. Actually I prepared the present before his birthday but I dragged till now. 

I think it became Birthday + Wedding Anniversary + Christmas  + New Year present. One stone kills 4 birds! Hahahaha…  very economical too..  Hahaha, just joking.

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary, my dear Hubby Jay!
Happy Birthday to you, Jay!

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  1. Ops, i just noticed that we missed out Jay's birthday as we were so busy with dato n datin's stuffs on that moment. Anyeay, happy belated birthday to u, a super vellfire driver.