Monday, 6 January 2014

Little Ze’s First Celebrated Christmas

Christmas 2013 considered as a very special Christmas to my family. It was Little Ze’s first celebrated Christmas.

Little Ze learned the months of a year by remembering the birthdays of our family members. However, none of our birthdays falls on December. Little Ze wondered and curious when I told him Christmas falls on December. He had no idea about Christmas. Later, he came across a book talked about a cat look for his Santa Claus. From there and then, I knew it was time for me to introduce him about Christmas. Well, as what I mentioned in earlier post, I was super busy during Christmas season. In the very last minute, I tried my best to squeeze my time to think of some cute festive traditions that can keep the magic going but yet simple and easy to prepare.

Handmade and Decorate a paper Christmas Tree

First, I made him a paper Christmas tree. I let him punched the circles. After I completed the tree, he helped to ‘hang’ up the Christmas tree topper.

Write to Santa

“What you wish to get from Santa?” I asked Little Ze. “I want a little red car”, he replied. Funny! Red was not his favorite color. Later, I realized he actually make the same wish as the cat which mentioned in the book he read. 

I told him that he had to write to Santa Claus. I involved him to make a card. He chose a few washi tapes from my collection. I cut the washi tapes for him and he pressed down the washi tapes. A blue star was added at the top of the card. I helped Little Ze to write his wish and addressed it to Santa Claus, The North Pole, Greenland, and then I told him I’ll post for him. Too cute! 

Christmas Party on Christmas Eve

We had a last minute Christmas party invitation from a friend. We had a pleasant and wonderful Christmas Eve. We really enjoyed as well as Little Ze. 

My family turned to Christmas mode. 
We were in red and white.

Games for the kids

Baby Hang wanted to have some wine!

We had delicious and tasty food. 
We had quiz session after food.

Hubby Jay won 2 vouchers from the quiz.
Look at Baby Hang! Stand steadily in happy Koko's arm.

Gift exchange session after the magic performance by the host's children.

Ladies night? Mommies night? 
These mommies had fun while the others had their Karaok competition.

Fill the Christmas Stocking

I hung a Christmas stocking at the end of Little Ze’s bed after the Christmas party and filled it with a little red car so that he woke up to a delightful surprise. My aunty and cousin helped me to buy the stocking and little red car as I was busy and no time for shopping. Thanks, Ladies!

On the Christmas Day

Little Ze woke up in the morning. At first he was blurred. After we hinted him to look at the bedhead, he was surprised. He was happy when he saw the little red car. Now, whenever you ask him about who gave him the little red car, he will tell you “Santa Claus!”

During the day, while I bathed Little Ze, I suddenly wanted to listen to Christmas songs. You guess what my Little Ze replied when I told him that? “Mummy, I play ‘Jingle Bell’ by Micheal Bubble for you after bath!” Oh dear, he knew Christmas songs! I was thrilled and my heart melted. 

In the evening (after work), I indulged my Little Ze with his favorite, chocolate ice cream. I served the ice cream with Cranberries and home grown Mulberries 桑椹, banana nut crunch, waffles and stick biscuits. Yummy!


We got a few Christmas presents. We unwrapped the presents after Christmas. Thank you all for the lovely pressie!

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