Thursday, 16 January 2014

Reflection of 2013 and Resolution of 2014

Reflection of 2013

Although it was already 14th day of 2014, it is never too late for me to look through my life in 2013 and make some new resolutions.

2013 was a special year for me BECAUSE I finally started to blog the this and that about my life! My first blog was in August 2013. Blogging helps me captured the beautiful moment in my life in the fastest way compare to Project Life.

2013 was indeed a wonderful year for me. I would say I have a relaxing first half of the year. I enjoyed my 2nd and 3rd trimesters of my pregnancy after a severe morning sickness. I ate and slept a lot. I craved for cakes. Indulgence with a piece of cake before bed was a must. This continued till the a day before I delivered. I really slept more compare to my first pregnancy. I just ’shut off’ anytime anywhere. Of course I had a great time with my Little Ze. Little Ze was slowly getting better from his terrible 2.

We enjoyed our life just the 3 of us. We went for Sandy Lam concert, birthday parties, shopping, hopping here and there for food and so forth. Most memorable one was the trip to Singapore. I requested a short trip before I delivered Baby Hang. I wanted to experience flying during pregnancy. That was our FIRST time flying with Little Ze. We let Little Ze to explore all different kind of public transports. We had our FIRST and memorable experience such as dining and swimming at the rooftop of the 57-storey Marina Bay Sands.

For the second half of the year, I started my motherhood for 2 boys in my life. Being a mum of two was is definitely not easy, especially with 2 very active boys. All my time was given to both of them. I hardly had my own sweet time. However, I felt that was the best I can give to them. MOTHERHOOD is just AWESOME.

We grew as a family of 4. We were doing a lot of things together. We continued having the activities we used to have but added more. We attended events such as Starbucks Lantern Festival celebration, Halloween Trick-or- Treat etc. We participated in the Run For Peace 2013, World Car Free Day celebration and numerous breastfeeding events and talks. We even hopped on to friend’s car and traveled to KL to participate in the record breaking “Largest Group Simultaneous Breastfeeding” without planning in advance. So adventurous and fun!

There was one thing I’ve nearly forgotten to mention. I started my 2nd breastfeed journey teamed with Baby Hang after Little Ze’s 28 months breastfeed journey. I’m proud and happy that my 24 hours milk factory production is ON again!

2013 was a great year for me. I was chosen to be one of the i-angel ambassadors. It was my first product review and I managed to accomplish 3 missions in 3 weeks’ time. I was glad and thankful that my effort being appreciated and I was being chosen as the Best Ambassador. I received a gift from i-angel. Thank you!

I learned to be more patient, firm and matured. I learned to control my temper (still trying to improve). I learned that life is indeed UNPREDICTABLE after my dad suffered heart attack. I was blessed that my dad recovered and he is doing well now. I learnt to appreciate every single moment with my love ones. I considered myself a lucky one as I had a very supportive beloved family and great friends who always care of each other.

2013 was a challenging but was a year full of INSPIRATION for me. Although I was occupied with my 2 boys, I was thrilled and delighted that my family and friends gave me the chance and inspire me to create. I learnt to arrange my time and challenge myself to CREATE and CRAFT which make me happy. I’m just a beginner who is still searching for my own style. Well, I will find my way one day. I believe that I can create more nice paper projects in future. Most contented was my first ever Layout created in my life being featured in one of the challenge!

I was blessed with lucky stars as I won a few giveaways and challenges. I hope I will win more in this coming year.

Overall, 2013 was a fruitful and delightful year!

So what’s next for 2014

14 things that I wish to have:

I will try to blog more so that I can keep track and be more up-to-date of my life.

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