Saturday, 14 December 2013


I’ve been waiting for so long and hope that my boys can sleep early. Yes! Today both of them slept early at 10.30p.m.! It was a big task for me to train them to sleep early. I wonder how and where they get so much energy that last for one whole day without a nap. Little Ze can play, jump, run and talk nonstop. His mummy so exhausted by the end of the day.

Well, it was time for me to have some updates.

ü  Hooray! My family recovered from flu and cough!
ü  Registered Little Ze to a preschool. He will start his school life very soon!
ü  Completed 4 handmade cards and left 1 more to go.
ü  Done with 2 gift wrappings.

Is time for spring cleaning our stomach?

All of a sudden, Little Ze vomited after lunch last Saturday (07 Dec 2013). He said he wants to poo but thrown out everything he ate unexpectedly. After that, he was being so active as usual. In the middle of the night, while I crafting, I heard a weird sound and realized he vomited again! Oh my goodness!!! I felt like vomiting too! Hubby Jay and I had to clean up Little Ze, bed sheet, mattress protector, mattress, pillow cover and etc. Can you imagine how tired it was?  Our neighbor must be wondered why we were so crazy for washing this and that in the middle of the night. Then, it happened again two days later (10 Dec 2013). He thrown out after his tea break. Something was wrong with him? I had no idea. He had no sign of sickness or fever. He just back to normal after all.

Then, it was my turn. Last Monday (09 Dec 2013), I suddenly felt nauseous in the afternoon. I vomited at night for 2 days. Oh, I knew what you are thinking right now. Nope, it was not morning sickness! Everyone thought of that including my doctor when I told them my condition. Definitely not pregnant! (Can’t imagine if I have my 3rd baby NOW!!!) I seek for doctor and took the medicine on the third day. I felt better now. I no longer looked green around the gills. I think I must be lack of rest and I did not have my meal at proper time.

Another new milestone for Baby Hang – Crawling

Baby Hang started to crawl! He not even can sit at his own without support. But just in a week of time, he could move to anywhere he aims and he could reach anything that he wants. This made my hair stand up and I need to keep an eye on him whenever he awakes. I had lesser time for my own unless I place him in the playpen with my ears closed. He will cry out loud and hoping someone to ‘rescue’ him!   

Back to Hubby Jay’s hometown

Now, we’re back to Hubby Jay’s hometown for a couple of days. Here’s some photo during our stay.

Just like what I used to draw whenever art teacher asked for: Paddy field, hill, coconut trees, 'Atap' houses and blue sky.

Cooking in the garden.

These flowers made me recall my childhood.

Baby Hang watching TV!

 Brothers picnic at the front of the house.

Little Ze cooks; Baby Hang waits and eat.

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