Monday 28 July 2014

Little Ze’s Birthday Trip to KL

Little Ze turned 4 in June. It was school holiday and we brought him to KL to celebrate his birthday with his great grandmother. 

As usual, we visited grandma when we reach KL. Both my boys loved to sit on her bed and entertained her.

This time, we stayed in a service apartment.

The facility and environment were quite nice. Just that the service at the front desk was quite bad. Here’s the view from our unit.

The next morning, after having our breakfast, my boys played at the playground with their grandparents.

Look! It was actually a dinosaur! But it was a friendly one.

Lunch time! The presentation looks great, right? Yes, not only that it looked nice, the food taste nice as well, with reasonable price! It was Yuzu Japanese Restaurant at KLCC. I love to dine there.

After some shopping, we went back to our apartment and ready for swimming. Oh, Little Ze was so excited about it! But then he started to worry because he thought that I did not bring his swimming trunk! (He helped me to pack the luggage a day before we departed.) But he did not know that I packed his swim wears after he slept. Tada! He was surprised when I shown him his swim wear.

How about Baby Hang? He was excited too! I took out his clothes and not even managed to get him wear the swim suit, he already couldn’t wait and intended to jump into the pool. OMG! This was Baby Hang’s first experience in the pool.

Little Ze liked to play in the pool when he was a baby but later he scared of it when he reached the age of Baby Hang. Then, all a sudden, he loved to play in the pool again. I would say he really excited about it. He saw other brother and sister jumped into the water, he never did it before but he followed without any preparation or instruction. Well, as long as he enjoyed! After all, this was his birthday trip!

After having fun time with swimming, we got to prepare and depart to the Overseas Restaurant nearby. Though it was very near to the place we stayed but it took us 30 minutes to reach there due to the traffic jam. Everyone was waiting for us in the restaurant. By the time we reach there, our birthday boy fall asleep.

Everyone enjoyed the food (yummy, very nice ‘char shio bak’) and chit chatting while waiting for our birthday boy to wake up. I tried to wake him up a few times but I failed. He was too tired.  

At the end of the dinner, I had no choice and I had to force him up. He was still blurred and not in a good mood. This was how the birthday boy blows the candles and cut his cake. 

Later, when his cousin Sheng gave him a present, then he slowly got into a good mood. Sheng personally chose this special present for Little Ze, as well as the cake. Oh, Baby Hang wanted to open the present too! Little Ze stayed awake after that because of the present. (That was what Little Ze told me secretly.)

Later we headed back to KLCC. We purposely brought him for his favorite gelato. When we reached the shop, they nearly closed the door as it was quite late already. After Hubby Jay talked to the staff, the kind staff served us. We were the last customer! See, how cheeky and happy Little Ze was! 

Oh, I missed the Pistachio gelato! Little Ze missed that too! (He just mentioned about it a few minutes ago... "Mom, I want the green color gelato in KLCC ...") 

This was the night view of Petronas Twin Towers.

 We had a very good night sleep after a long day.

The next morning, we had our breakfast with friend. Later, grandma came to the apartment and we took some photo together.

Before leaving, we had our lunch with grandma at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant. The food was special and nice. Every dish in the set we ordered serve with different kinds of tea each. I loved the ‘Purple Cane Tea Soup in Tea Pot’, ‘Potato Basket with yam, mushroom, cashew and vegetable ham with Jasmine Tea’, ‘Stir fried Kai Lan with pickled Chinese mustard in Puer Tea’ and glutinous rice balls in Rose soya bean. Little Ze loved the ‘Fried prawn with oats and Dong Ding Oolong Tea’.

On the way back home…

That was Little Ze's birthday trip to KL.

A week after Little Ze back to school, I asked Jess to bake a cake and a few cupcakes for his friends in his school to sing birthday song for him. This was his first time celebrating his birthday with classmates.

Yummy… Orange Poppy Seeds Cake. The main cake was for the teachers and the cupcakes were for Little Ze’ friends.

That’s not the end of Little Ze’s 4th birthday celebration! Stay tune for his small party at home!

Sunday 27 July 2014

Card: Totally Cool

Oh my! Nowadays the weather is so hot! What I need now is ICE CREAM!

I made an ice cream card.

Oh... lots of triangles!

This card was actually inspired by the inspiration piece in Mei Li Paperie’s July Inspired by... challenge. 

I flipped the image and what do you see? Ice cream cone! That's how my ice cream card came into place.

Let’s go for another round of ice cream! 

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Monday 21 July 2014

Mini Easel Card: Happy Birthday

Jess wanted to give her bestie an early birthday surprise during her stay in Penang. My handmade card was part of the surprise. Feel so grateful!

I made her a card which based on the sketch from Just Add Ink #223 Sketch Challenge.

I thought of a round cake served on a cake board which being cut into 4 pieces when I first saw this sketch. Oh no! I think I was craving for cakes for my supper again! 

Hmm… why not I create a card which a cake serve in the middle of the card since it is a birthday card? But I should not ‘cut the cake’ before blowing candles! Well, it is not necessary for me to cut the paper into pieces in order to follow the sketch. I can decorate the ‘cake’ based on the sketch, am I right?  


Here’s the card I came out with:

The ‘round cake’ in the middle actually is a circle easel card. It was attached to a clear window of a white card. It was like a cake served on a glass cake stand.

The base of the ‘cake’ was embossed to create the dotted surface.  I decorated the ‘cake’ using die cut vines, leaves and DIY roses from pastel color cardstocks.

Here’s the close up of the easel card.

I found a box that perfectly fit this card. No alteration needed as the box was nicely printed. Although the prints were totally different mood or style from my card, it was one of the best solutions when you were in a rush.  I used the washi tapes to cover some wordings and stains.

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