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Indulge with Crabtree & Evelyn Fine Foods ( Crabtree & Evelyn Typewriter Project )

Sitting in the garden surrounded with plants and flowers, listening to birds chirping, sipping a cup of tea with a relax mind is just an indulgence for a mom with kids that are ever so active. Once a while, I will pamper myself to have a ‘me time’ while my boys are still in bed or taking their nap by having an English breakfast or afternoon tea in the garden. This is the time when my Crabtree & Evelyn precious fine food collection will be served.

Not only does Crabtree & Evelyn have a wide range of luxurious toiletries, they have gourmet foods too, like cookies and biscuits, fruits jam and tea. You will see them under the Fine Food corner. Frankly speaking, initially when I first stepped into the shop, I dare not ask or even walk close to Fine Food corner. Why? It was because of the word ‘FINE’. Fine Dining, ooohhh then Fine Foods must be referring to expensive stuffs. Furthermore, all the products are so…..nicely presented. They will definitely mark up the price for that. But then, surprisingly they were actually at an affordable price, not expensive as what I thought of. From there onwards, every time I shop at Crabtree & Evelyn, I will definitely patronize  the Fine Food corner. All the beautiful tins and boxes, bottles and jars, and some special barrels seemed ‘waving’ and ‘whispering’ to me: Come and touch me! Bring me home! Taste me!” Sometimes I just can’t resist and I will bring back one or two.

Crabtree & Evelyn Fine Foods Corner

The story of
Fine Foods
Celebrate the holiday season with our banquet of fine foods, made with love and care in England. Inspired by the very best of festive British fare, these flavourful goodies use only the finest natural ingredients and traditional cooking methods for wonderfully intense flavour. Beautifully hand-drawn illustrations have been transformed into charming wrapping for gifts that will brighten any winter pantry. 

~ Crabtree & Evelyn

Let’s have a mini tour to this corner. They have cookies & biscuits, preserves and tea. Of course, they will have festive food for some special occasions or holidays like Christmas and so forth. They will come out some special flavors with special packaging available for own consumption, collections or as gifts.

Cookies & Biscuits

Crabtree & Evelyn has a wide range of cookies and biscuits. They have Traditional Shortbread Biscuits, White Chocolate and Raspberry Biscuits, Strawberries and Cream Biscuits, All Butter Almonds & Vanilla, All Butter Chocolate Chip, All Butter Lemon, All Butter Orange, Double Chocolate Chip, Lemon & White Chocolate Biscuits, Honey and Oat Biscuits. Triple Chocolate Chunk Biscuits is the new flavor.

At present they have Dark Chocolate Chunk & Hazelnut Biscuits, Christmas Pudding Biscuits and Gingerbread men for Christmas. They also have limited edition biscuits – All Butter Tarocco Orange Biscuits.

I have not tasted all of them, especially those new arrivals and special editions. My friend Jess recommended  me the Strawberries and Cream Biscuits and it became my favorite one. It is made in Great Britain. 

Oh my, these biscuits are a great excuse to pop the kettle on. The biscuits are crumbly and chunky. Hmm… the strawberry flavor is so aromatic. And I get to bite the cubed strawberries which blended so well with the smooth cream. Each bite just melts in my mouth. 

Nonetheless, I find the biscuits a little bit sweet but it is just nice if we eat the biscuits and pair it with a cuppa Crabtree & Evelyn’s tea. They are perfectly matched.  The tea will offset the sweetness but it will not shadow the flavor of the biscuits.


Crabtree & Evelyn has two types of tea – black tea and flavor tea.

Afternoon Tea, Earl Grey Tea and English Breakfast Tea are the black teas. Their black teas are smooth and mild compare to other brands. Basically, these teas goes well with any flavors of biscuits and cookies. For scented tea, they have Green Tea Scented with Jasmine, Organic Camomile Tea and Organic Peppermint Tea. Now, they have new flavors – Mint Green Tea and Blackberry Green Tea. I have not tasted the new ones but I heard that the response to the Blackberry Green Tea was great.

Normally, I will take Green Tea Scented with Jasmine for breakfast and tea break; At night, I will end my day with Organic Camomile Tea. 

If you ask what’s my favorite tea? My answer will be Organic Camomile Tea. It is the chill-out drink for me. The calming, warming and comforting blend of camomile leaves helps to sooth and relaxed my senses after a busy day. Sometimes, I will add in a slice of lemon or honey to spice up my cup of tea. Organic Camomile Tea is produced in Germany.


Crabtree & Evelyn has preserves that we used to call Jam. They have Blueberry Preserve, Breakfast Marmalade,Raspberry Preserve, Strawberry Preserve, Citron Curd, Tarocco Orange Marmalade, Strawberry and Rose Water Preserve and Wild Blueberry and Lavender Preserve. I love their preserves as they really add in fresh fruits. I get to bite into chunks of fruits and the taste just burst in my mouth. That’s why we called it Preserves. Pair them with toasted rustic bread or buttery crumpets. Superb! For Strawberry Preserve, it can be even served with a dollop of cream on a Devonshire scone. I love to toast the bread, spread a layer of butter, then followed by the preserves…wow! Such a heavenly bite! Seriously delicious!

My favorite will be the Wild Blueberry and Lavender Preserve. I love the combination of the flavors. With the first bite, you will taste the wild blueberry, then slowly and gently the light Lavender taste builds up in your mouth. Yummy! 

Actually it is slightly sweet but when served with a cup of tea from the Crabtree & Evelyn’s tea range, it will be a splendid blend!
Above are the three of my favorite fine food products. Let’s indulge ourselves with Crabtree & Evelyn fine food too! Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

This is Tee's Crabtree & Evelyn Typewriter Project on Fine Foods.

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