Monday 30 December 2013

Tee's First Christmas Tree in the House

Tada! This was my first ever Christmas tree in my life. It was a mini paper Christmas tree. Wasn’t it lovely? I burned the midnight oil to complete this little Christmas tree a night before Christmas Eve.

I never had a Christmas tree in my house before. I was thinking to have a crafty Christmas this year to spread some Yuletide joy.  It was time for me to introduce my Little Ze about Christmas too. Instead of buying ready-made Christmas tree, I decided to handmade one for him and get him involved. I think it would make great memories.

Due to tight schedule, I had to think of something that easy to make. I looked for ideas to make simple and cheap Christmas trees using the most common and unexpected supplies that already have laying around the house, without even having to pass by the Christmas tree shop. It was quite last minute and Christmas was around the corner! Yeah, PAPERs! I had lots of papers in the house. Of course I tried not to use those expensive scrapbooking craft papers but those attached in the magazines or discounted papers. Furthermore, I think paper Christmas tree is maybe the easiest to make.

My version of little paper Christmas tree:

I used pastel colorful patterned papers. I used circle punch to out the papers instead of bell-shaped punch which very commonly used. I had my Little Ze to punch the circles. He always likes to punch. He keeps waiting for opportunity to punch. Well, he was so happy as we had so many to punch.  I wrapped each circle around a round pen or sharpie marker to curl the edges. Then, I applied it on cone shaped cardboard using craft glue. I punched some leaf-shaped using EK Success Quilling Carnation Slim Petal Punch and attached them in between. I stamped Christmas sentiment on a white cardstock, inked the edges and embellished with pearls. For the Christmas tree topper, I punched stars and fixed them at a lollipop stick. I tied a green ribbon underneath. I added white ellipse sequins to ‘bling’ up the tree.


I was so happy and excited to have this little Christmas tree in my room. My Little Ze was happy too! We had a merry holiday with our own little Christmas tree in the house!

Monday 23 December 2013

Jess’s First Christmas Tree in the House

Christmas is coming! Very soon!  Excited? I don’t know. I seldom celebrate Christmas. To me, Christmas is stress time, due to my working environment. Christmas is the busiest time for me, not because of hosting Christmas party but work. I think the latest memorable Christmas celebration I had was more than 10 years back, hosted by my friend, Jess. I missed that Christmas dinner so much!

Now, after giving birth to Little Ze, we will go to shopping malls where they have very pretty and gorgeous Christmas decorations to take some photo for memory.  Normally we manage to make it only after Christmas but before the decorations being taken off.

Last night, I went for a Christmas decoration photo shooting. Yes, this time was before Christmas and not at shopping malls but at Jess’s house. I ‘borrowed’ her Christmas tree for our mini family photo session. We sort of were having an ‘opening ceremony’ for her. She had a very nice and special Christmas tree decoration done by herself.  This was her first time to decorate Christmas tree. I love it so much! I could see and knew that she put lots of effort to search for nice tree and decoration items.

Her Christmas tree was one-of –a-kind. Firstly, let’s talk about the tree itself. She had a needle pine tree. It was so real and nice. It was not like what we normally see in the supermarket. She tried so hard to find this kind of pine tree. I think that’s the last one in Penang.

For Christmas tree topper, Jess had an angel instead of star. The angel that she had was very special. It was slightly see-through at the dress there. With the lights on, the angel looked gorgeous. The light feathers angel wings were so beautiful. The wings would ‘wave’ when the wind blows, liked flying angel. Cool! The next thing that I loved was the glassy butterfly. It was so classy! Don’t you agree with me?

Here's some photo taken at Jess's house:

The décors hung on the Christmas tree. Peek-a-boo.

Happy humble family with the beautiful Christmas tree.

Sucking thumb competition

Santa Rina in the house

Two mermaids under the Christmas tree

Jess, the designer of the Christmas tree. Look, my Baby Hang made them so happy!

Little Ze helped Jess to decorate the Christmas tree?

Oh dear! My Little Ze enjoyed the whole bunch of cookies?!

Baby Hang enjoyed playing 'trumpet' and playing with uncle while Little Ze enjoyed his cookies.

We had a wonderful night and you can see our laugh and cheer through the photo. Although it was just a very short and simple gathering, it was a memorable one.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday 22 December 2013

Missing in Kitchen: Salmon Skin Salad

Our friends brought us to Azuma Japanese Restaurant Queensbay Mall in early December. That was the first time Hubby Jay and I being introduced to salmon skin salad. Then only we realized broiled salmon skins were so crispy and amazingly tasty.

Yesterday evening after work, Hubby Jay suddenly requested for salads. Not just normal green salads or Tee-lads, but salmon skin salad! I’m shocked and curious why he suddenly asked for that. This was because he accidentally found the pre-broiled salmon skins at a shop and he bought it for me. Oh my goodness! I don’t know how to prepare the dressing! I ‘googled’ and came out with my own version of salad dressing. (Depending on the ingredients available in the kitchen.) I gave it a try as my Hubby Jay was so willing and dare to be my guinea pig.

Here’s my version of Salmon Skin Salad.

I had butterhead, lettuce, green coral, wild rocket, carrots and cherry tomatoes for my salad greens.

For the dressing:

4 tablespoons yellow mustard
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon sushi vinegar
1 tablespoon spiced vinegar
3 tablespoons light broth or water
1 tablespoon honey (or to taste)
Salt and pepper

Whisk all ingredients together. Dress salad greens lightly. Place the crispy salmon strips on top and serve immediately. Add additional dressing as needed to lightly but thoroughly coat the greens.

What do you think about my version of salmon skin salad? By the way, my Hubby Jay loved it. Phew! Yes, I made it! In any event, I think this makes a really terrific main course salad. 

Friday 20 December 2013

Missing in Kitchen: Tee-lads

I love Salads. It can be my breakfast; it can be one of the dishes for my lunch and dinner or even snacks for my tea-break and supper. I'll make Salads 3 to 4 times a week. However, I never take photo of my Salads. Two weeks ago, I suddenly had the inspiration to shoot a photo of my salads. The mood just came while I sauteed the homemade Honey Glazed Gammon Ham. So aromatic!

That's the only photo taken because Hubby Jay and I busy enjoying the Salads and did not have time to snap more photo on it. :)

This salads contains butterhead, lettuce, green coral, wild rocket, cherry tomatoes, olives, kiwi, oranges, homemade Honey Glazed Gammon Ham, Balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Yummy...... 

Well, this Salads had a special name. Guess what's the name? "Tee-lads". Named by my Hubby Jay.

Saturday 14 December 2013


I’ve been waiting for so long and hope that my boys can sleep early. Yes! Today both of them slept early at 10.30p.m.! It was a big task for me to train them to sleep early. I wonder how and where they get so much energy that last for one whole day without a nap. Little Ze can play, jump, run and talk nonstop. His mummy so exhausted by the end of the day.

Well, it was time for me to have some updates.

ü  Hooray! My family recovered from flu and cough!
ü  Registered Little Ze to a preschool. He will start his school life very soon!
ü  Completed 4 handmade cards and left 1 more to go.
ü  Done with 2 gift wrappings.

Is time for spring cleaning our stomach?

All of a sudden, Little Ze vomited after lunch last Saturday (07 Dec 2013). He said he wants to poo but thrown out everything he ate unexpectedly. After that, he was being so active as usual. In the middle of the night, while I crafting, I heard a weird sound and realized he vomited again! Oh my goodness!!! I felt like vomiting too! Hubby Jay and I had to clean up Little Ze, bed sheet, mattress protector, mattress, pillow cover and etc. Can you imagine how tired it was?  Our neighbor must be wondered why we were so crazy for washing this and that in the middle of the night. Then, it happened again two days later (10 Dec 2013). He thrown out after his tea break. Something was wrong with him? I had no idea. He had no sign of sickness or fever. He just back to normal after all.

Then, it was my turn. Last Monday (09 Dec 2013), I suddenly felt nauseous in the afternoon. I vomited at night for 2 days. Oh, I knew what you are thinking right now. Nope, it was not morning sickness! Everyone thought of that including my doctor when I told them my condition. Definitely not pregnant! (Can’t imagine if I have my 3rd baby NOW!!!) I seek for doctor and took the medicine on the third day. I felt better now. I no longer looked green around the gills. I think I must be lack of rest and I did not have my meal at proper time.

Another new milestone for Baby Hang – Crawling

Baby Hang started to crawl! He not even can sit at his own without support. But just in a week of time, he could move to anywhere he aims and he could reach anything that he wants. This made my hair stand up and I need to keep an eye on him whenever he awakes. I had lesser time for my own unless I place him in the playpen with my ears closed. He will cry out loud and hoping someone to ‘rescue’ him!   

Back to Hubby Jay’s hometown

Now, we’re back to Hubby Jay’s hometown for a couple of days. Here’s some photo during our stay.

Just like what I used to draw whenever art teacher asked for: Paddy field, hill, coconut trees, 'Atap' houses and blue sky.

Cooking in the garden.

These flowers made me recall my childhood.

Baby Hang watching TV!

 Brothers picnic at the front of the house.

Little Ze cooks; Baby Hang waits and eat.