Thursday 29 May 2014

My Adventurous Graduation Trip

Mei Li Paperie is holding their second challenge for May - "Inspired by..." Challenge.

Here is the inspiration image:

Yes, Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

I was inspired by it in many ways. Here's my take:

First, the quote! It made me recall my adventurous graduation trip back in 2002. 13 of us flew to Sabah to explore and had our adventure before we started our working life. We climbed Mt. Kinabalu, snorkeling at Sipadan Island, took the smoke train, experienced water rafting, searched for the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia and so forth. We dared to adventure! We made it! It was really a great and memorable adventurous trip! So, I decided to create a layout based on that.

The hanging gondolas on the ferries wheel inspired me to create a layout with multiple photos. Furthermore, there were too many adventures in our trip, multiple photos in a layout just the right choice. This was my first attempt to create a layout with multiple photos. Something new to adventure! To create something like the hanging gondolas, I tied the kraft twine and ‘hang’ it with the brad. For the colors, I chose something related to our nature such as green, brown, yellow and blue, as our trip was all about exploration with nature.

The lights on the ferris wheel inspired me as well! Hmm… I was thinking how I gonna make it look like the running lights on the ferris wheel? Well, I added the gold pearls and turquoise rhinestones to touch up my layout. There were 13 of them which represent 13 of us in the trip, 6 girls and 7 guys.

For the sketch, I was inspired by Elle’s Studio Sketch Thursday 05/22/2014 by Jenny and Creative Scrappers 

Sketch 268. 

It seemed that I had another adventure while creating this layout – my 7th layout being created. I had fun with it! Hope you join the fun too!

I’m entering this layout for
Mei Li Paperie’s May Inspired by... Challenge

Happy scrapbooking!

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Sunday 25 May 2014

Random Winner for Elle's Studio Contest Sketch 05.15.14

I would like to share a good news. Sisters in White - the 6th layout I created in my life! Very excited to see my layout being randomly selected as winner for Elle's Studio Contest Sketch 05.15.14. I was overjoyed! 

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Wednesday 21 May 2014

My Wonderful Journey to the Central for the Lotus Sutra Exhibition

Opps! Its been quiet for a while. Not too long, just more than a month. Haha… 

May be some of you might wonder what happened  to me within this period. Yup, I was busy preparing something that was not too big but not too small either. (SHHHH … for those who already  knew about it.)Definitely I will share it, but not now.  Today, I want to write about my short and packed but wonderful trip to KL over the last weekend. We achieved so many things in just a 3D2N trip with 2 kiddos! 

The main purpose for this last minute trip was to attend The Lotus Sutra Exhibition held at Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai Malaysia in KL.  The Lotus Sutra Exhibition is an international exhibition and Malaysia is honoured to be 11th country in the world to host the exhibition, which is a precious heritage for humanity that promotes peace and harmonious coexistence.  It started on 12 May 2014 – 11 May 2014. 

I think if I miss out this exhibition, I will have to wait for years and years, unless I pay and fly to other country to attend the exhibition. Therefore,I tried to arrange to attend the exhibition but keep on delaying due to some reasons and obstacles. Luckily, the exhibition was extended for one more week. And YES! We made it!   We, including a friend of mine, Jess. 

Our journey

Day 1 (11/05/2014)
On Sunday morning, after loading our luggage, we started our journey. Along the journey, Little Ze and Baby Hang were awoke, enjoying the movie The Journey. Around noon, we stopped at Ipoh for our yummylicious brunch. We had Ipoh Ho Fun, soft-boiled eggs on toast bread, Hakka mee, homemade mua chi and famous coffee! 

Baby Hang had his very first outside food, ho fun! He enjoyed it very much!

After our brunch, we continue our journey. Luckily, both my kids slept during the drive. I could have some rest!  

When we reached KL, we went to Bangsar Village.   I had my chance to shop for my nursing dresses while my friend caught up with her friends. My 3 mans? They had their window shopping at LEGO shop.  

Later, we shopped at Village Grocery and had our late lunch/tea break at Ben’s General Foodstore. 

Then, we headed to have dinner with our friend, CYang and his family, who will host us for 2 nights. Almost every restaurant was fully booked due to Mother’s Day celebration. CYang brought us to a food court to have dinner. Though that place was not air-conditioned, it was not too hot. It was not hawker food but ‘chu-char’. Very nice! We enjoyed the food so much. My Little Ze loved the fried noodle so much! Oh… I was so busy tucking in the delicious fare that I forgot to take some photos of the food. 

We visited our grandma after the dinner. 

Well, we managed to get to CYang’s place by 11pm. And this was the first time, the homemade sausages that we brought traveled for so long on the road with us in the cooler box. Oh gosh! My 2 kiddos were so excited and energetic. I took quite some time to let them sleep.  What a tiring day!


Day 2 (12/05/2014)
Good morning! Our breakfast!

After having breakfast, we depart to Bukit Bintang. We went there not for shopping but for the exhibition as that’s where Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai Malaysia is located. 

Finally, we were there at The Lotus Sutra Exhibition with our kids.

For those who have kids, you’ll know it’s not easy to bring kids along to an international exhibition! It was a great challenge for us! We made it. Baby Hang slept in the middle of the tour. Little Ze made some noise once in a while. Luckily they had a section specially for Kids whereby there were activities to draw his attention for a while, in order for me to have a chance to concentrate on the exhibition.

This koko very patient and nice. Great job! 

I felt so delighted and satisfied.  Both my kids were very corporative as they let us  take our time to view the exhibition.

We finished viewing at 3pm in the afternoon, Gosh its almost  4 hrs already and we had not taken our lunch yet. Weren’t they being Great?! And I must thank my Hubby Jay for being so supportive for arranging his time and purposely driving us to KL for this exhibition! You are Great, my darling Jay.

Opps… It was raining heavily when we depart for Pavillion and the roads were jammed. We detoured to KLCC to have our late lunch at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant. I was so happy because Yuzu and KLCC were actually  not in our plan. This was like a bonus for me! Yummy! Look at the photos…. 

Jess caught up with her friends and she met us later in the night. After Yuzu, we rushed to uncle’s house. The 2 kiddos took a bath then we had dinner with family and our beloved grandma to celebrate Mother’s Day. She was so happy to have her great grandchildren with her. 

We hang out at our cousin’s house after the dinner. Oh gosh, our kids went crazy. They were running here and there. But most important, they had fun! 

Great to see them sharing and play together!

Oh! You sweat like me!

Baby Hang: I come, I see, I conquer!
Again, we were back  late at night. The kiddos were utterly exhausted and they slept after I prepared them for bed.  We planned to rest too, instead we chit chat till the wee hours.


Day 3 (13/05/2014)
It was our shopping day! We planned to leave KL and back home by 3pm BUT….

Have a guess what time we leaving. Hehe…

We had our breakfast quite late as my kids slept in. Partly also because we spend some time to pack our luggage trying to squeeze in more items so that we have space to shop more. After breakie, we visited grandma again. We spend some time with grandma. 

Later, we headed to IKEA. Yes, IKEA again! Oh dear, it was so crowded as it was a public holiday. Furthermore, some of the sections were under renovation. It was a bit messy as they rearranged their place of display. We had to stop shopping half way as my Little Ze keep grumbling he was hungry. Actually we were hungry too! But, when you see the crowd at the cafeteria...! Felt so reluctant to go in but no choice. After a long queue, we quickly finished our food and continued our shopping. When it came to paying, there were long queues again!  We wasted our precious time, nearly an hour just to queue to pay…sigh! 

That’s not the end of our trip. We quickly make our way to The Curve to a shop called Art Friend. Oh, I went crazy! I was so excited as I waiting for so long for that. Always heard blogger and crafty friends talk about it but I never been there. However, it was so late and I only manage to stay there less than half an hour. I just managed to buy 3 things. I told Hubby Jay I want to visit AF again!

Since it was time for dinner, we hang out at Pho Hoa Noodle Shop. Pho Hoa is one of my must-go food outlet every time I am in  KL ever since 10 years ago. I love their noodles, Vietnam coffee and avocado juice. Baby Hang was tired and fell asleep. See how I had my noodle.

I fed Baby Hang, Hubby Jay fed me. Then, Hubby Jay offered a new interesting way of  ....
See how I had my noodles with soup while Baby Hang sleep on arm. Isn't it great!
Modern Cleopatra!
Took a photo before leaving KL.

Well, we departed at 8.00pm! Yes, so late!  So we reached home about 12 midnight.

For this trip, I considered it as a good one. My kiddos were very corporative! We achieved what we plan to do; we reached the place we plan to go; we shopped what we want to shop for. Frankly speaking, this time I did not buy much. Our car was really full but only 20% of them were mine, the rest belong to my friend.  Hehe…That 20% of them already made me happy enough because they were what I was looking for! Well,I’m looking forward for another wonderful trip to KL for shopping… Haha!

To know more about the exhibition, please log on to The Lotus Sutra Exhibition's webpage.

Lotus Sutra Exhibition Makes Historic South-east Asia Debut. Read here. 

There was a small section exhibited the artifacts discovered at Lembah Bujang in Kedah, Malaysia. Sound familiar?

Want to know more about what had been exhibited? Take a look on this video