Tuesday 5 August 2014

Little Ze’s 4th Pocoyo themed Birthday Party

Let’s continue on Little Ze’s 4th birthday celebration.

Actually, we celebrated Little Ze’s FIRST birthday with Dino themed party but no special treats or celebration when he turned TWO and THREE. We just simply sang him birthday song and let him cut his cake. This year, we decided to have a little surprise for Little Ze. We got him a birthday trip to KL in the beginning of June and we had his classmates to sing a birthday song for him in the middle of June, which I blogged in previous post. Then, we prepared a mini Pocoyo themed birthday party for him end of June.

Why we choose Pocoyo themed for Little Ze? Oh! He loves Pocoyo since he was 2. Little Ze discovered this cartoon by himself through Youtube. 

Well, it was not easy to get Pocoyo party decorations or Pocoyo merchandise in local store. I asked my uncle Wee and my cousin Liang to buy me the Pocoyo party supply during the purchase of Baby Hang’s Whale of Fun birthday party supply.

Here’s the simple decoration of Little Ze’s Pocoyo themed party:

We had a Pocoyo banner. I die cut the alphabet ‘Z’ & ‘E’ from white cardstock and adhered them to trapezoid red and blue cardstock each to personalize the banner.

I cut the Pocoyo serviettes and hang them with a string to create party flags.  

We had the time line photo board as well. I reused the pennants and photo protectors that I handmade for Baby Hang’s whale themed party. The time line showcased pictures of Little Ze from birth till 4 years old and also photo of his previous birthdays.

We had a Pocoyo corner.

I made a ‘Welcome’ signage using alphabet foam sponges.  

This was a mini birthday party. There were only 10 of us. We had a long table setting to fit ten people. 

We had Pocoyo plate, bowl, fork and spoon specially for our birthday boy. The rest of us used porcelain plate, stainless steel fork & spoon and a Pocoyo dinner plate (for deco only).

Each of us played a different characters in Pocoyo cartoon series which assigned by Little Ze. I made the place card according to the characters. I converted the Pocoyo ‘Thank You’ card into place card. I die cut oval-shaped from various colored cardstocks, stamped the characters and adhered to the card. Of course, birthday boy’s place card would be different from us. His was adhered to a Pocoyo party hat.

This was the complete table setting with food and the birthday boy.

We had very simple food as it was just a hi-tea party, but there was a special dish. Mostly people would serve savory pie, sandwich and dessert for Hi-tea. But ours was a bit different. Haha… Want to give a try to guess what we had for our Little Ze’s Pocoyo party?

Let’s see what we have:

First, we had red eggs! It was a must for Chinese.   

Of course we had birthday cake from Chantilly Cakes. This dark chocolate cake was specially requested by Little Ze since the preparation of Baby Hang’s birthday party. Whenever Jess asked him about what cake he wanted for his birthday, ‘Chocolate cake’ would be his definite answer.   

Today’s special … Tada… We had Roast Turkey! It was not roast chicken but turkey! This was Little Ze’s first time seeing the real roast turkey. I knew it was not thanksgiving or Christmas but there was no rule saying we couldn’t have roast turkey on normal days.  Am I right? 

Then, we had two types of salad for side dishes. 

Jess specially made 3 pieces of dark chocolate coated with almond in cube for Little Ze. He ate one of it before the party started.

Let’s party!

My beloved daddy carved the turkey to start the party! 

Roast turkey served with gravy.

Oh this is my favorite, turkey stuffing. Yummy!!!

Birthday boy peeled the red egg.

Let’s have a ride!

This car was not his 4th birthday present but 2nd birthday present. It looked new, right? Yes, this was because he refused to ride it until a day before this party. He so excited to play with it. Little Ze gave Baby Hang a ride. 

Time to sing birthday song!

That was all the Pocoyo characters in the photo! 

Yummylicious dark chocolate cake!

Well, that was a simple but fun Little Ze’s 4th Pocoyo themed birthday party!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. You are amazing Tee! Another fab birthday party with great decor....Ze's smile say's it all, such a little cutie and Hang is getting so big..:0) xxx

    1. Thank you, Nikki! Yes, from Ze's smile you'll know. He was so so so happy that day!

  2. May I know where you bought your pocoyo decors including the plates? I'm currently planning for my son's birthday and he also loves pocoyo.

    1. Hi. Some I bought at Robinson, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley. Some I bought from a US site called Birthday Express.
      Not easy to find original Pocoyo merchandised including clothes in Malaysia. Only found them at Robinson, The Gardens Mall. Hope these help.
      Say Hi to another Pocoyo fans! Hope you have a wonderful party for your son! He will definitely love it!

  3. Thank you for the post! My daughter loves pocoyo too.
    Please tell me where did you get the plate, bowl, fork and spoon set?
    I can't find it anywere :(

    Beautiful pictures!

    1. Hooray! Another Pocoyo fan! The Pocoyo plate, bowl, fork and spoon ... I bought them at Robinson, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley, Malaysia.
      Hope this help!
      Oh thanks for the compliment on the photo!

  4. That’s really nice that you have managed party at your home but I think parties at home seems to be good for less people. When we have huge number of guest list then we have to book some lavish event locations as per that. What you say?

  5. Beautiful cake toppers
    Thanks for sharing this Amazing pictures.