Wednesday, 26 March 2014

CNY 2014: Eve and Day 1

Chinese New Year 2014 had been over for nearly two months. Now only I have time to sit down to retrieve the photo taken during CNY and blog about it. Oh dear, so many of photo to sort out! Well, this year we had our CNY celebration a bit different from previous. We had our family trip to KL for 4 days and 3 nights to visit our grandmother and for some shopping.

CNY 2014: Eve (除夕)

We had our simple reunion dinner, just the few of us. My in-laws cooked a square meal, instead of having steamboat. Yummy! 
 Look at Baby Hang! Cheeky boy!

We were so happy and always feel great to have our own family reunion. Most importantly, it was great to see my boys accompany and entertain their grandparents. You could hear their laughter and feel the joy. Both of my boys slept before twelve as they were too tired after playing for whole day. They were so deeply in sleep even the firecracker and fireworks here and there couldn't wake them up.

CNY 2014: First Day (年初一)

Early in the morning, we got ready and I let my 2 boys wore Chinese costume. This was Baby Hang’s first Chinese New Year in his life. 

Both kids got their ang pows from grandparents. 

They got their ang pows from us too! 

See….they were counting and... so happy!

After some CNY visiting, we started our journey to KL. When we reached KL, we stopped at The Gardens Mall. We knew that most of Chinese restaurants closed on the first day of CNY. We thought that the shops in shopping mall would open year long. Opps…we were wrong. Only 1 or 2 Chinese restaurants remained their business. We just simply chose one and had our simple dinner there. 

Before leaving the mall, I took a few shots of the mall’s CNY deco. They were so beautiful. We did not manage to take all. There were too many them and we were in a rush.
 When will I have the chance to wear Cheongsam again?

It was quite late at night when we reached uncle’s house. Grandmother still stayed awake waiting for us! Two great grandchildren gave her hugs. How sweet they were!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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